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A MathOverflow question

A text about the book Introduction to Commutative Algebra by Atiyah and MacDonald

A text about the book Categories and Sheaves by Masaki Kashiwara and Pierre Schapira

Three short texts put together: Selected Texts:

1. A short proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Galois Theory,

2. Function of a Matrix,

3. Zorn's Lemma.

Other texts

A Hodge Theorem for Noncompact Manifolds (more details)

Self-contained Proofs of the Fundamental Theorem of Galois Theory and of the Fundamental Theorem of Symmetric Polynomials

Constant Rank Theorem

Around the Chinese Remainder Theorem, written with Jean-Marie Didry (French version: Chinoiseries), (more details)

A Theorem of Deligne, Griffiths, Morgan and Sullivan

Are the Hodge numbers of a compact Kaehler manifold topological invariants? The problem was raised 50 years ago by Hirzebruch and solved (negatively) by Frédéric Campana. Campana's text is available in pdf format here.


Sept textes d'André Joyal

A nice paper of Oystein Rodseth on primality tests: "A note on primality tests for N = h ·2n - 1", BIT 34 (1994), 451-454: - html - pdf

Hilbert's Problems

Poème de Victor Hugo sur l'enseignement en géneral et l'enseignement des mathématiques en particulier: À propos d'Horace

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