Avalanches and Rupture Phenomena
                       Chair: Madalina Deaconu

Photo avalanche

The workshop Avalanches and Rupture Phenomena will be held in Nancy, France on February 3-4, 2015, at  Inria Centre de Recherche Nancy - Grand Est.

  • This conference aims to give a wide overview on the topic of avalanches and rupture phenomena and to develop interactions between researchers, experts in this area coming from various disciplines. The objective is to gather together researchers working in the  field of the avalanches and to release new open problems, at the frontier of several domains: physics, mathematics, mechanics, virtual reality, geophysics, etc.

    Invited Speakers


  • Contact: Madalina Deaconu (Chair), Madalina.Deaconu AT inria.fr
  •                Laurence Benini (Secretary), Laurence.Benini AT inria.fr

    It is sponsored by the Tosca Team of Inria Centre de Recherche Nancy - Grand Est.