Frédéric Robert
Full professor
Université de Lorraine


Institut Elie Cartan de Lorraine
Université de Lorraine
BP 70239
F-54506 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy Cedex

Fields of interest

  • Nonlinear analysis on manifolds.
  • Elliptic equations of high order.


1992: Distinction at the "Concours Général" in Physics.
1994: "École Normale Supérieure de Cachan", Cachan, France.
1997: "Agrégation" of Mathematics. Rank: 15.
1998: Phd studies. Thesis advisor: Emmanuel Hebey. Thesis defended on November 26th, 2001.
2007: Habilitation to conduct researches. Defended on June 28th, 2007. Download .pdf file (in French).


1994-1999: École Normale Supérieure de Cachan
1999-2002: Allocataire Moniteur Normalien, Université de Cergy-Pontoise.
2002-2003: Assistant, ETH Zurich.
2003-2009: Maître de Conférences (Associate Professor), Université de Nice.
2009-present: Professeur des Universités (full professor), Université de Lorraine.
2013-2014: On leave, appointed in the CNRS unit PIMS (UBC, Vancouver) during the first semester.
2014: Promotion to First Class Professor.

Organization of conferences

11/2005: Week-end nicois d'Analyse Géométrique Conforme in Nice, France.
08/2006: Geometric and nonlinear analysis in Banff, Canada.
06/2007: Geometric Analysis in Nice in Nice, France.
03/2008: Analyse non linéaire et phénomènes critiques à Cergy-Pontoise, France.
06/2011: Geometric and Nonlinear Analysis: Meeting in Lorraine" in Nancy, France.
08/2012: Recent trends in Geometric and Nonlinear Analysis in Banff, Canada.
12/2012: "Géométrie et EDP", Nancy, France.
03/2018: Journées Jeunes EDPistes Francais 2018 (JEF 2018) (Young PDEsts meeting) in Nancy, France.
07/2018: Special session "Geometric and Nonlinear PDEs", AIMS Conference 2018, Taiwan.

Some mathematical texts

A. Fourth order equations with critical growth in Riemannian geometry.
Notes from lectures given at Madison and Berlin (not submitted). Download here.
B. Existence et asymptotiques optimales des fonctions de Green des opérateurs elliptiques
d'ordre deux.
(Existence and optimal asymptotics for the Green's function of second order elliptic operators).
Personal notes in French (not submitted). Download here.
C. Construction and asymptotics for the Green's function with Neumann boundary condition. Personal notes (not submitted). Download here..
D. Struwe's compactness for free functionals involving the bi-harmonic operator. Personal notes (not submitted). Download here..
E. Extremals for Hardy-Sobolev type inequalities: the influence of the curvature. . Analytic aspects of problems in Riemannian geometry: elliptic PDEs, solitons and computer imaging, 1-15, Sémin. Congr., 22, Soc. Math. France, Paris, 2011. Download here..
F. On the equivalence of the Kazdan-Warner and the Pohozaev identities, with Olivier Druet. Personal notes (not submitted). Download here..
G. Extremals for the Hardy-Sobolev inequalities on cones, avec Nassif Ghoussoub. Informal note extracted from reference [36]. Download here..
H. Green's function for a singular Hardy-type operator with boundary singularity. Informal note. Download here..


05/2017: The Hardy-Schrodinger operator with interior singularity: mass and blow-up analysis.
Talk given on May 24th 2017 at la Casa Matematica Oaxaca (CMO), BIRS center, Mexico.
11/2017: Sharp asymptotic profiles for singular solutions to an elliptic equation with a sign-changing nonlinearity .
Talk given on November 17th 2017 at the First Belgium-Chile-Italy Confeence in PDEs, Bruxelles.

Talks and conferences:

12/2000: Series of talks at the University of Rome III (Italy).
02/2001: PDE seminar, University of Cergy-Pontoise (France).
03/2001: Analysis seminar, University of Amiens (France).
01/2002: Geometry seminar, University of Nancy (France).
01/2002: Analysis seminar, University of Tours (France).
02/2002: Mathematics Colloquium, Tata Institute, Bangalore (Inde).
03/2002: Series of talks at the University of Rome III (Italy).
10/2002: Analysis seminar, ETH Zurich (Switzerland).
01/2003: Colloquium, University of Fribourg (Switzerland).
02/2003: PDEs and Geometry seminar, Notre Dame University (USA).
02/2003: Geometric Analysis seminar, Princeton University (USA).
03/2003: Geometry and Analysis seminar, University of Nice (France).
04/2003: Complex Geometry seminar, University of Marseille I (France).
06/2003: Department seminar, University of La Rochelle (France).
08/2003: Conference on Partial Differential equations, Oberwolfach (Germany).
09/2003: Conference on Affine Geometry, Bedlewo (Poland).
01/2004: Analysis seminar, University of Amiens (France).
01/2004: Analysis seminar, ETH Zurich (Switzerland).
03/2004: PDEs and applications seminar, ENS Lyon (France).
11/2004: Differential Geometry and PDE seminar, University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada).
03/2005: Conference "Recent Advances in Calculus of Variations and PDE's", Pisa (Italy).
05/2005: Conference "Analytic Aspects of Problems in Riemannian Geometry", Brest (France).
09/2005: Conference "Interactions between Complex Geometry and Real Analysis", Hanover (Germany).
11/2005: Complex Geometry seminar, University of Marseille I (France).
02/2006: Analysis seminar, University of Reims (France).
02/2006: Differential Geometry and PDE seminar, University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada).
03/2006: Series of graduate courses at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA).
03/2006: Geometric Analysis Seminar, University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA).
04/2006: Analysis Seminar, ETH Zurich (Switzerland).
05/2006: Differential Equations Seminar, University of Rome II (Italy).
05/2006: Seminar, University of Rome III (Italy).
06/2006: Analysis Seminar, University of Warwick (England).
06/2006: AIMS Conference, Poitiers (France).
12/2006: Algebra and Geometry Seminar, University of Brest (France).
01/2007: Differential Geometry and Analysis Semianr, University of Magdeburg (Germany).
01/2007: Analysis seminar, University of Amiens (France).
02/2007: Lecture series in PDE, Chinese University of Hong-Kong (Hong-Kong)
02/2007: Colloquium, Chinese University of Hong-Kong (Hong-Kong)
08/2007: Conference "Loss of compactness in nonlinear PDE: Recent trends", Banff (Canada).
11/2007: Colloquium, Australian National University, Canberra (Australia).
01/2008: MIP seminar, University of Toulouse III (France).
02/2008: Analysis seminar, SISSA, Trieste (Italie).
06/2008: Second Canada-France Mathematical Congress 2008, Montréal (Canada).
06/2008: Conference "Conformal Geometry: invariant theory and the variational method", Roscoff (France).
10/2008: Complex geometry seminar, University of Marseille I (France).
11-12/2008: Series of lectures at the Technic University of Berlin (Germany).
01/2009: "Journées Nancéiennes de Géométrie", University of Nancy I (France).
02/2009: Geometric Analysis seminar, Albert-Einstein-Institute, Potsdam, (Germany).
04/2009: Analysis seminar, ETH Zurich (Switzerland).
07/2009: Conference "Asymptotic analysis in the calculus of variations and PDEs", University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada).
09/2009: Conference "Workshop in Nonlinear Elliptic PDEs" for Jean-Pierre Gossez's 65th birthday, Free University of Bruxelles (Belgium).
10/2009: Conference " Problèmes non linéaires avec perte de compacité: perspectives et applications", Luminy (France).
10/2009: Geometry and Analysis seminar, University of Nice (France).
10/2009: Interregional Colloquium, University of Saabrucken (Germany).
11/2009: Analysis seminar, Chinese University of Hong-Kong (Hong-Kong).
12/2009 : Analysis, Geometry and Algebra seminar, University of Metz (France).
04/2010: Series of talks, Tata Institute, Bangalore (Inde).
06/2010: Geometry and Analysis seminar, University of Nice (France).
07/2010: France-Asia Summer school "Singularities in pdes", IHES (France).
11/2010: Series of talks, University of Sydney (Australia).
11/2010: Analysis and PDE seminar, Australian National University, Canberra (Australia).
05/2011: Analysis Seminar, Universitaet zu Koeln (Germany).
05/2011: Conference "Higher Order equations in Geometry and Physics", SISSA, Trieste (Italy).
06/2011: Conference "Recent Advances on Elliptic Issues", Université de Besancon (France).
01/2012: Conference "Cocompact imbeddings and profile decomposition", TIFR Bangalore (India).
05/2012: Conference "Workshop on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations to celebrate the sixtieth birthday of Patrizia Pucci", Universita degli Studi di Perugia (Italy).
06/2012: Conference "Higher order problems in geometric analysis", University of Bath (England).
06/2012: Algebra and Analysis seminar, Université de Brest (France).
11/2012: Analysis seminar, Chinese University of Hong-Kong.
11/2012: Conference "Geometric PDEs", Paris (France).
11/2012: Conference "Singular limit problems in nonlinear PDEs", CIRM, Marseille (France).
04/2013: PDE seminar, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago.
07/2013: Conference "Nonlinear PDEs, Functional Analysis and Applications: in celebration of Nassif Ghoussoub's 60th birthday", Vancouver (Canada).
10/2013: PDE seminar, University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada).
12/2013: Conference "Geometric Variational Problems", Banff (Canada).
03/2014: Differential Geometry/PDE seminar, University of Washington, Seattle (USA).
05/2014: Conference "Geometric Aspects of Semilinear Elliptic and Parabolic Equations: recent Advances and Future Perspectives", Banff (Canada).
06/2014: Conference "Rencontre Nicoise d'Analyse Géométrique en l'honneur de Philippe Delanoe", Nice (France).
06/2014: Conference "PDEs in Geometry and Physics", University of Notre-Dame (USA).
11/2014: Analysis Seminar, Universitaet Basel (Switzerland).
02/2015: Nonlinear Analysis and PDE seminar, Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium).
04/2015: PDE Seminar, University of Sydney (Australie).
04/2015: PDE Seminar, University of Wollongong (Australie).
05/2015: Geometry Symposium, Université de Brest (France).
06/2015: Conference "New Trends on Concentration Phenomena in Nonlinear Elliptic Equations", Lyon (France).
02/2016: Geometric Analysis seminar, McGill University, Montréeal (Canada).
11/2016: PDE seminar, University of Sydney (Australia).
11/2016: International conference on nonlinear partial differential equations, A celebration of Professor Norman Dancer's 70th birthday, University of New England, Armidale (Australia).
05/2017: PDE Workshop ULB-UCL, Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgique).
05/2017: Conference "Geometric Properties of Local and non-Local PDEs", Oaxaca (Mexico).
06/2017: Rencontre d'Analyse Géométrique, University of Nice (France).
06/2017: Conference "Nonlinear Analysis in Rome", University of Notre Dame in Rome (Italy).
11/2017: Conference "First Belgium+Chile+Italy conference in PDE", Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium).

Invitations in foreign universities:

12/2000: Universita di Roma III (Italy).
02/2002: Tata Institute, Bangalore (India).
03/2002: Universita di Roma III (Italy).
02/2003: Notre Dame University (USA).
02/2003: Princeton University (USA).
01/2004: ETH Zurich (Switzerland).
11/2004: University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada).
07/2005: University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada).
02/2006: University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada).
03/2006: University of Wisconsin at Madison (USA).
04/2006: ETH Zurich (Switzerland).
05/2006: Universita de Roma II (Italy).
01/2007: Universitaet Magdeburg (Germany).
02/2007: Chinese University of Hong-Kong (Hong-Kong).
05/2007: Universita di Perugia (Italy).
08/2007: University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada).
11/2007: Australian National University, Canberra (Australia).
02/2008: Chinese University of Hong-Kong (Hong-Kong).
06/2008: McGill University, Montréal (Canada).
11/2008: Universita de Roma II (Italy).
02/2009: Technische Universitaet, Berlin (Germany).
02/2009: Universitaet Magdeburg (Germany).
04/2009: ETH Zurich (Switzerland).
07/2009: University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada).
11/2009: Chinese University of Hong-Kong (Hong-Kong).
04/2010: Tata Institute, Bangalore (India).
04/2009: Chinese University of Hong-Kong (Hong-Kong).
11/2009: University of Sydney (Australia).
08/2011: Universitaet Magdeburg (Germany).
10/2011: Chinese University of Hong-Kong (Hong-Kong).
08/2012: McGill University, Montréal (Canada).
11/2012: Chinese University of Hong-Kong (Hong-Kong).
04/2013: Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago.
04/2015: University of Sydney (Australia).
02/2016: McGill University, Montréal (Canada).
07/2016: University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada).
11/2016: University of Sydney (Australia).

Main publications:

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43. The Hardy--Schr\"odinger Operator on the Poincar\'e Ball: Compactness and Multiplicity,
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