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  • Approximation of the allelic frequency spectrum in general supercritical branching populations
    Benoît Henry
    Links:         arXiv:1701.07281     hal-01445838    

  • Inference for conditioned Galton-Watson trees from their Harris path
    Romain Azaïs, Alexandre Genadot, Benoît Henry
    Links:         arXiv:1609.01057     hal-01360650     Toolbox: AGH
  • Articles

  • Central limit theorem for supercritical binary homogeneous Crump-Mode-Jagers processes
    Benoît Henry
    To appear in ESAIM: Probability and Statistics
    Links:         arXiv:1509.06583     hal-01202095

  • Moments of the frequency spectrum of a splitting tree with neutral Poissonian mutations
    Nicolas Champagnat, Benoît Henry
    Electronic journal of Probability, Volume 21 (2016), paper no. 53, 34 pp.
    Links:         arXiv:1509.06500     hal-01202732     EJP
  • Other Works

  • Splitting trees toolbox for matlab
            Download Script examples