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I am currently a Post-Doc student (ERC MALIG of Cristina Toninelli) in the research team Stochastic Models at Laboratoire de Probabilités et Modèles Aléatoires,
Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) and Denis Diderot (Paris 7), CNRS UMR 7599.

Last year, I was a Post-Doc student in the Buenos Aires Probability Group of the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. I worked with Leo T. Rolla and Pablo A. Ferrari.

I defended my PhD in Mathematics titled « Modèles de croissance aléatoire et théorèmes de forme asymptotique: les processus de contact » (manuscript, presentation) in December 2014 at the Institut Élie Cartan of the Université de Lorraine, France under the supervision of Olivier Garet and Régine Marchand.

I am a member of the ANR project Graal (GRaphes et Arbres ALéatoires).

CV in french.

I am interested in problems coming from the statistical mechanics as interacting particle systems, random growth models and percolation. I work on probabilistic questions (fluctuations, shape theorems, phase transition, convergence to equilibirum) about the following models:


Université Paris Diderot
UFR de Mathématiques, batiment Sophie Germain
75205 Paris CEDEX 13, FRANCE
Office: 528, ème étage
Email : Deshayes AT









2015 (Argentina)

Illustrations of the gender phase transition