Welcome on the homepage of Antoine HENROT                  
Professor at Ecole des Mines de Nancy                                                    

You can find me

either in my office of Ecole des Mines (bureau R419)
Campus Artem
54042 Nancy Cedex
00 33 (0)3 72 74 49 35

or in my office of Institut Elie Cartan (office 222)
Universite de Lorraine - Campus Sciences
BP 70239
54506 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy Cedex
00 33 (0)3 72 74 54 07

Do you want to see my CV, my list of publications.

My books:

  • "Variation et optimisation de formes", en collaboration avec Michel Pierre, collection Mathématiques et Applications, vol. 48, Springer 2005.
  • cf web page , see also some pages in Google Books
    Now the English version is available: Shape Variation and Optimization, Tracts in Mathematics 28, European Mathematical Society
    cf web page